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Following the defection of several ex-CNDP members from the DRC’s National Army (the FARDC), on the 11th April President Kabila called for defectors to rejoin. Regarding thier leader, Bosco Ntaganda, Kabila has made it clear that should he be subject to arrest, any trial would be in a domestic court, rather than involve handing him over to the ICC.
In the same speech on the 11th April, amid the desertions and ongoing insecurity and displacement in the Kivus, Kabila also declared the suspension of military operations in North and South Kivu, and placed soldiers in both provinces back under the command of the two distinct Military Regions (the 8th in North Kivu, and the 10th in South Kivu), to which all soldiers will report. This comes amidst a report by 13 civil society organisations calling for urgent security sector reform in the DRC.
On the 17th of April, according to military sources, a number of mutineers, who had been running towards the highlands of Uvira and Fizi (South Kivu) expressed their intention to return to the FARDC.
Joint military operations to counter the LRA continue; Colonel Jean-Francis Bozizé, CAR's deputy minister of defense states, "The operational capabilities of the LRA have been reduced by 75%... but the group's centre of gravity remains in the CAR despite efforts to cooperate" by neighbouring countries' militaries and around 100 U.S. military advisors.
Security issues are also raising their head in Burundi; the CNTB, responsible for resolving land issues relating to the return of Burundian refugees from abroad, has worked smoothly so far. However consensus has shattered because Uprona, the main party resulting from the Tutsi minority in the country, has accused the president of the CNTB of being an extremist Hutu.
Rwandan media has focussed on remembrance of the genocide, specifically asking questions about justice, its effectiveness and its future.
Natural resource management has been highlighted in both Uganda and DRC. In the latter, civil society has called for the creation of an inquiry commission for clarifying the difference between takings observed in mining and hydrocarbon sectors. In Uganda, obscured contracts, a case settled out of court, and allegations of corruption have followed the parliament and English oil firm Tullow. This has not discouraged French oil company Total, who declared plans on April the 13th to spend over $300 million in 2012 on exploration in Uganda.
Glencore’s corporate responsibility image has been hit hard by accusations of child labour in their mines in DRC, uncovered by a Swiss NGO and reported on by the BBC. Undercover filming showed children as young as ten working in the Glencore-owned Tilwezembe mining concession. Glencore denies the allegations. 


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IPIS’ Latest Publications


Etat des lieux du développement socio-économique dans les zones minières au Nord-Kivu (territoires de Walikale et Masisi) | March 2012 | ASSODIP | IPIS (editorial advice)

At a moment when the attention of both the national and international communities is focused on the reorganisation of the mining sector in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the local civil society organisation ASSODIP considered it opportune to carry out a study of the impact of mining exploitation on the socio-economic development in North Kivu’s Walikale and Masisi territories. These territories are among the richest in mineral resources of eastern DRC, with the exploitation and trade in minerals adding greatly to public revenues. Nonetheless, the concrete situations as presented in this paper sufficiently show that the development of the local mining communities has never been taken into due account.

Assessment of existing practices regarding end-user certification | February 2012 | UNODA | IPIS

Already, in 2002, the Security Council called upon States to establish an effective national end-user certificate system and to study the feasibility, as appropriate, of developing such a system at the regional and global levels, as well as information exchange and verification mechanisms. This study assesses existing practices regarding end-user certification in a wide range of countries. It examines concepts, documents and procedures relating to the regulation of end use and end users of conventional arms. It also endeavours to identify political and practical obstacles to the development of an international framework for authentication, reconciliation and standardization of end-user certificates. Finally, it proposes practical guidelines to assist States in the development of a reliable system of end-user certification.

Transparancy and Accountability. Monitoring and Reporting Methods Under An Arms Trade Treaty | February 2012 | TransArms R | IPIS

Without an understanding of the existing practices of States regarding their commonly agreed standards for the monitoring and reporting of their international transfers of conventional arms, it will be very difficult to draft many of the basic provisions of the Treaty to ensure compliance and enforcement. This report therefore seeks to clarify and discuss existing terminology and reporting practices for State regulation of international transfers of goods and services and for international transfers of conventional arms. It is hoped that this will also help contribute to the development of common international standards for monitoring and reporting international transfers of conventional arms. Standardization of statistical requirements and reporting methods is of paramount importance for the ATT to be effective.

Arms Trade and Security in the Great Lakes Region

Recent news on conflict, security and arms trade across the Great Lakes Region. 


Central Africa: Experts Discuss Hunt for LRA and Security-Sector Reform | 12th April | USAC | allAfrica
Uganda: UN Mounts Pressure On LRA Rebels | 12th April | The New vision | allAfrica
UN and AU officials on joint mission to strengthen anti-Lord’s Resistance Army initiative | 11th April | UN News Centre   
The LRA is down but not out | 13th April | Africa Confidential
Weakened LRA still terrorizes villagers | 11th April | Washington Post
Ouganda: L'ONU et l'UA évaluent leurs actions contre la LRA | 12th April | Le Phare | allAfrca
In Africa, U.S. troops moving slowly against Joseph Kony and his militia | 17th April | Washington Post
The United Nations has intensified military patrols in the areas affected by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in a bid to arrest leader Joseph Kony and his indicted commanders.
Children and Conflict

Africa: Linking Children and Security in Southern Africa | 16th April | ISS | allAfrica

Uganda detains DRC fighters
Uganda detains DR Congo troops | 11th April | The New Vision
The Ugandan army has detained a group of Congolese soldiers who crossed into the country following recent clashes between The Democratic Republic of Congo's army and deserters, a spokesman said Tuesday.



Kabila calls for deserters’, arrest, not excluding Ntaganda
Congo-Kinshasa: President Kabila Hot to Nab General Ntaganda | 12th April | RNW | allAfrica
Arrest Bosco Ntaganda for Hague Court Trial - President Suggests He's Willing to Apprehend General Wanted for War Crimes | 13th April | Human Rights Watch | allAfrica
Congo's 'Terminator': Kabila calls for Ntaganda arrest | 11th April | BBC
Foreign 'pressure' will not force Ntaganda arrest: DR Congo |11th April | Africa Daily 
DR Congo: Arrest Bosco Ntaganda for ICC Trial | 13th April | HRW
In Congo’s East, Kabila Takes a Stand in Wake of Bosco Ntaganda-led Defections | 12th April | Enough
Congo’s President Kabila Calls for Arrest of Bosco Ntaganda | 11th April | Enough
Congo's Kabila says to arrest wanted army general | 12th April | Reuters
DRC President Puts Pressure on Military Defectors | 11th April | VoA
DRC President Joseph Kabila announced on Wednesday at a private conference in Goma that he wanted all officers involved in a recent mutiny arrested and tried for treason.
Ntaganda should be tried in DRC
Joseph Kabila: «Bosco Ntaganda peut être arrêté et jugé au Nord-Kivu ou n’importe où en RDC»  | 12th April | Radio Okapi
According to Joseph Kabila, "crimes that Ntaganda committed in this country do not require a transfer to the ICC".
More than Ntaganda
Mutinies in the East: Beyond the ‘Terminator’ | 13th April | ICG | Reliefweb 
The mutiny in DR Congo led by General Bosco Ntaganda, a.k.a “Terminator”, who has been wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on war crimes charges since 2006, is not only a rule of law issue; it is symptomatic of deeper, long-term and unaddressed political problems.
FARDC Defectors
DRC defectors gain territories as Kabila in secret talks | 11th April | great Lakes Voice
On April the 11th, deserters from the FARDC had been reported to have taken Pinga, Kalembe, Bunagana and Nybiondo while FARDC retreated to Masisi, Mweso Centres and Bwiza. Gen Didier Etumba, the commander of the DRC National Army, blamed the situation on “undisciplined soldiers” creating disorder in the force for political reasons. Gen. Ntaganda’s whereabouts remains unclear as FARDC says He is with defected.
Meece urges again defection 
DRC / BOSCO NTAGANDA | UN News and media
UN Special Envoy for the Democratic Republic of Congo Roger Meece called on "anyone who is thinking of following" warlord Bosco Ntaganda not to do so and "to return to their posts like other FARDC soldiers have done." President Joseph Kabila today called for the arrest of Ntaganda who is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.
Defectors express with to rejoin FARDC
Sud-Kivu: les FARDC traquent 4 officiers déserteurs et 140 hommes de troupe | 12th April | Radio Okapi
Sud-Kivu: des déserteurs veulent rentrer dans le rang des FARDC | 17th April | Radio Okapi
The military mutineers of the 10th region who were running towards the highlands of Uvira and Fizi (South Kivu) have indicated their intention to return to the FARDC, according to military sources. Recent claims suggest that these militia, should they continue their mutiny, would be stuck in the forest between Uvira and Mwenga and find themselves unable to continue.
Report on Security Sector Reform
Congo-Kinshasa: Govt Must Reform Security Sector | 16th April | OSISA | allAfrica
Congo-Kinshasa: Military Reform Urgently Needed | 16th April | Congolese Coalition | allAfrica
RDC : 13 ONG invitent le gouvernement à reformer les services de sécurité et la justice  | 16th April | Radio Okapi
Congo Urged to Overhaul Military to Avoid Squandering of Aid | 16th April | Bloomberg
Democratic Republic of Congo: Military Reform Urgently Needed | 16th April | FIDH
The international community and Congolese government must urgently agree upon a new deal to reform the Congolese military, according to a new report by 13 leading international and Congolese civil society groups.
Security concerns
La Société civile s'inquiète de l'état sécuritaire | 17th April | allAfrica
The security situation remains serious in all parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Network for Security Sector Reform and Justice (RRSSJ) thus draws the alarm by urging all authorities to take responsibility.
L’ASADHO recommends evaluation of military operations in the Kivus
Congo-Kinshasa: L'ASADHO recommande l'évaluation des opérations militaires au Kivu | 17th April | Le Potentiel | allAfrica 
ASADHO recommends evaluation of military operations in the Kivus. It welcomes the decision of the Head of State to arrest Bosco Ntaganda and fears the suspension of operations for the safety of civilians.
Journalists threatened in West Kasai
Congo-Kinshasa: Wave of Detentions in West Kasai Province | 11th April | Journalise En Danger | allAfrica
Journaliste en danger (JED) is concerned by the recent wave of harassment of journalists by National Intelligence Agency (Agence Nationale des Renseignements, ANR) officials in Tshimbulu, a town located 120 km from Kananga, the main city in West Kasai province (central DRC).
Mine clearance
L’Unmacc opte pour le vote d’un budget réservé à la lutte anti-mines en Rdc | 13th April | Digital Congo
As a member of the Ottowa Treaty, the DRC must have a budget for mine clearance.
Retrospective of ICRC action in Likouala and Equateur
Retrospective of ICRC action in Likouala and Equateur | ICRC | Reliefweb
Inter-community violence erupted over fishing rights between the villages of Enyele and Monzaya in Equateur Province, western DRC in 2009. Clashes between national armed forces and armed groups forced over 165,000 people to flee their homes. Jonathan Torgovnik, a well-known Getty photographer, recently travelled to the two areas along with the ICRC, capturing the span of humanitarian problems faced by the population, their struggle to overcome them and the activities carried out by the ICRC, in cooperation with two national Red Cross societies on both sides of the border.
Kivu military suspended and now under unified army command
Kabila halts military operations in east Congo | 12th April | Reuters
Kabila halts military operations in east Congo | 12th April | Reuters | Reliefweb 
« Militaires commerçants » du Nord-Kivu, il faut maintenant choisir entre l’armée et les affaires | 14th April | Digital Congo
Joseph Kabila suspend toutes les opérations militaires au Nord-Kivu | 11th April | Radio Okapi
Sud-Kivu : toutes les opérations militaires désormais sous le commandement de la 10è région militaire | 13th April | Radio Okapi
Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila has suspended the Amani Leo military structure in the North and South Kivu provinces of the DRC. Later in the week, on the visit to both provinces, he officially placed soldiers in both regions back under the command of two distinct, unified FARDC Military Regions (the 8th in North Kivu, and the 10th in South Kivu), to which all soldiers will report.
FRPI Militia seen in Nyamavi
Province Orientale : déplacement des miliciens FRPI à Bahema-Sud, la population se refugie en Ouganda | 13th April | Radio Okapi
Militia of the FRPI of Cobra Matata were seen on Friday 13 April in the morning in Nyamavi, a village seven kilometers of Kasenyi, on Lake Albert, Bahema South. Without providing an exact figure, local authorities have said that these militiamen were numerous. Panicked inhabitants of several villages took refuge in neighbouring communities in Uganda.
Ilema cult arrested; death toll disputed
Equateur : un mort lors de l’arrestation de 240 adeptes d’une secte religieuse à Ilema | 12th April | Radio Okapi
One person was killed and four wounded during the operation conducted by police and military in Ilema on Wednesday, April 11 (30 kilometers from Mbandaka) against the followers of the sect "Nzambe nkoko ya ba." The cult claim 7 were killed; 240 were arrested.
OCHAs concern about the Kivus
RDC: la situation des humanitaires dans les deux Kivu inquiète Ocha | 11th April | Radio Okapi
Over forty humanitarian incidents have been recorded since the beginning of the year in the two Kivu provinces.
Mai Mai arrested
Butembo : attaque de l’Etat-major de la police, deux suspects aux arrêts | 13th April | Radio Okapi
Two Mai Mai militiamen suspected of involvement in the attack on the General Staff of the PNC in Butembo (North Kivu), on the night of April 9 – 10, were arrested on April 11 by FARDC forces.
FDLR and Perco in IDP camps
Nord-Kivu: des rebelles FDLR et Pareco occupent 2 camps des déplacés à Masisi | 16th April | Radio Okapi
Masisi : près de 4 000 ménages déplacés en proie à l’insécurité à Mpati | 17th April | Radio Okapi 
Many displaced families who fled fighting in the villages of Bibwe, Kivuye and Kitso decry the abuses they suffer from the elements of the FDLR and Pareco in Mpaiti, Masisi (North Kivu). Two IDP camps came under the control of the rebels on Friday, April 13.
Provisional peace agreement with Raia Mutomboki rebels
Sud-Kivu : les FARDC et les Raia Mutomboki signent un accord pour pacificier Shabunda | 13th April | Radio Okapi
On April 12 the FARDC, in principle, signed an agreement with the rebels of Raia Mutomboki in Shabunda (South Kivu) for the pacification of the territory. This agreement is the result of the outreach mission dispatched by civil society in Tshombi, a city located 30 kilometers east of Shabunda-center.
Mai Mai in Baraka
Congo-Kinshasa: Les Maï-Maï Yakutumba conditionnent la libération des localités occupées à Baraka | 16th April | Le Potentiel | allAfrica
The Mai-Mai militiamen Yakutumba refuse to release the fifteen villages occupied for a week in Baraka, South Kivu.
Burundian Militia Arrested
Sud-Kivu: arrestation de 4 miliciens burundais à Sange | 11th April | Radio Okapi
The Congolese police, supported by soldiers from the 104th Regiment, arrested on Tuesday, April 10, at Sange in Uvira Territory border in Burundi, four Burundian nationals who posed as Congolese. They were part of a political movement called the Burundian military force for the Restoration of Democracy in Burundi (FRD).
Gunmen kill in Uvira
Sud-Kivu: des hommes armés tuent un commerçant à Uvira | 17th April | Radio Okapi
Gunmen killed a shopkeeper and wounded two others in Buhonde, Uvira (South Kivu). An eyewitness of the event said the bandits fired several bullets on traders, forcing them to abandon all their belongings at the scene.
PNC harassment in Maniema
Maniema: la population accuse la police de tracasseries à Kasenga | 11th April | Radio Okapi
The local group Kasenga-Numbi has complained of police harassment suffered last month from a commander of the Congolese National Police (PNC) Battalion Group Mobile Intervention (GMI) located 18 km from Kindu axis
CTK leaflets and chaos in Lumumbashi
Lubumbashi: un mouvement sécessionniste du Katanga met l’armée en alerte | 12th April | Radio Okapi
Leaflets marked "Conseil national de transition du Katanga (CTK)" on Thursday, April 12, announcing a march to claim the independence of Katanga, threw the city of Lubumbashi into chaos.
FDLR ambush in Lumumba
Kalemie : une jeune femme tuée dans une embuscade des rebelles rwandais des FDLR | 12th April | Radio Okapi
Forty FDLR Rwandan rebels on Tuesday, April 10 radied eight transit vehicles and individuals in the village of Lumumba, on the axis Bendera, 120 km north of Kalemie (Katanga). The attackers were heavily armed. One woman died. 



Museveni discusses African Security
Africa: Museveni in Ethiopia to Discuss Continent's Security | 14th April | The New Vision | allAfrica
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was in the Ethiopian city of Bahir Dar in the country's Amhara region for a Tana High Level Forum on the security of Africa
UPDF orders firing squad for arms traffickers
Uganda: UPDF Chief Wants Firing Squad for Arms Traffickers | 11th April | The New Vision | allAfrica
Any UPDF soldier or officer found selling firearms or ammunitions to criminals will be subjected to firing squad in full public view, a General in the army warned on Tuesday.
Uganda demobilization and reintegration project
Uganda demobilization and reintegration project - beneficiary assessment | 13th April | TDRP | Reliefweb
The World Bank commissioned this survey of reporters and the communities within which they have settled as part of a batch of final studies and an evaluation at the end of the Uganda Demobilization and Reintegration Program (UgDRP) in June 2011.
Kony 2012 tip off to Uganda
"Kony 2012" group tipped off Uganda to wanted ex-rebel: Wikileaks | 11th April | Reuters
"Kony 2012" group tipped off Uganda to wanted ex-rebel | 12th April | Reuters
The group behind the viral "Kony 2012" video that drew world attention to Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony tipped off Ugandan forces in 2009 to the whereabouts of a former child soldier wanted by the Kampala government, according to a classified U.S. cable published by Wikileaks.



Ibingira returned to work
Rwanda: Arrested RDF Officers Pardoned | 17th April | The New Times
Rwanda: House Arrest Lifted for Gen. Ibingira, Three Others | 16th April | The New Times | allAfrica
The Reserve Force Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Fred Ibingira, today returned to work after four months of suspension and house arrest on disciplinary grounds, said a statement from the military.



Political tensions
Burundi: Tensions autour de la commission chargée des conflits fonciers liés à la guerre | 14th April | RFI
The action of the National Land and other property, the CNTB, responsible for resolving land issues related to the return of Burundian refugees from abroad has worked smoothly so far. However consensus has shattered because Uprona, the main party resulting from the Tutsi minority in the country, has accused the president of the CNTB of being an extremist Hutu.
Living amongst ammunition in Burundi
Living amongst ammunition | 17TH April | Mines Advisory Group | Reliefweb
A joint MAG-Burundian Army team is helping to reduce the risks of deadly explosions posed to those who have little choice but to live close to ammunition depots.



Stockpile Stewardship Program
Key Accomplishments of the Stockpile Stewardship Program | 11th April | USDS
Nigeria War
Nigeria: Fresh Bomb Attacks - We 'Re At War With Boko Haram - Army Chief | 11th April | Vanguard | allAfrica
Following several bomb blasts that killed scores of people and marred the Easter celebrations in some parts of the North, Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika, yesterday, told soldiers to consider themselves at war with the Boko Haram Islamic sect.


Refugee and IDP Reports

Non-comprehensive overview and selected articles on the status of refugees in the Great Lakes Region


OCHA Humanitarian reports
Bulletin d'Information Humanitaire - Province de l'Equateur N° 15/12, 09 avril 2012 | 16th April | OCHA | Reliefweb
Bulletin d'Information Humanitaire - Province Orientale N° 14/12, 10 avril 2012 17th April | OCHA | Reliefweb
Democratic Republic of the Congo: A multi-faceted humanitarian crisis (as of 30 March 2012) | 13th April | OCHA | Reliefweb
OCHA reports on the humanitarian situation in DRC Provinces
USAID/DCHA DRC Fact Sheet #2 2012
USAID/DCHA DRC Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #2 Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 |  14TH April | USAID | Reliefweb
APCLS and FARDC fighting leads to displacement in Masisi
La population du secteur de Mwesso demande la protection de l’armée régulière | 14th April | Radio Okapi
The fighting between militiamen on Thursday, April 12 between the APCLS and FARDC in Masisi, North Kivu, led to the displacement of hundreds of households. Affected people have sought refuge and Mwesso Kitshanga. Local officials have asked for the deployment of military to protect the displaced.



DRC Refugees in Uganda
Uganda: Nation Overstretched By DRC Refugee Influx | 16th April | allAfrica
Uganda overstretched by DRC refugee influx | 16th April | IRIN
DRC refugees stream into Uganda | 11th April | IoL News
Ugandan officials say they are struggling to cope with a continuing influx of civilians fleeing violence in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 


Justice and Tribunals 

Non-comprehensive overview and selected articles on major trials and tribunals for crimes committed in the Great Lakes Region


Should Bosco Ntaganda Be Sent to the Hague Court? | RNW | allAfrica
Analysis of the trail Ntaganda should face
Lubanga Reparations
DRC: Thorny issue of reparations for Lubanga's victims | 12th April | The Guardian
As the international criminal court convicts Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga, the children he abducted and forced to fight in a brutal ethnic conflict are awaiting some form of compensation. 



Gatate appeal
Rwanda: ICTR - Appeals in Gatete Case Set for May | 13th April | The New Times | allAfrica
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) will early next month begin to hear appeals in the case of a former mayor Jean-Baptiste Gatete, a senior ICTR official has said.
Gacaca and Reconciliation
Rwanda: While Gacaca Brought Justice, Reconciliation Is Long-Term Process | 16th April | Rwanda Focus | allAfrica
Relections on post-genocide justice in Rwanda, marking 18th Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsis.
Ingabire boycotts trial
Victoire Ingabire boycotts Rwanda terror trial | 17th April | BBC News
Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire says she is boycotting her terror trial, accusing the judge of bias.
Uwinkindi in Rwanda’s hands by month’s end
Le Pasteur Uwinkindi sera transféré au Rwanda avant la fin du mois | 10th April | Hirondelle
The Rev. Jean Uwinkindi, the subject of the first order for referal to the Rwandan justice system, will be handed over to Rwandan authorities before the end of the month, according to an order of the President of the Tribunal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).


Natural Resources in the Great Lakes Region

Recent news on issues relating to natural resource extraction and governance in the Great Lakes Region.

Poverty and gold
Gold prices soar but Africa loses out, says AfDB paper | 12th April | AfDB
Africa is not cashing in enough from its large gold resources, despite the spiralling price of the precious metal over recent years, according to a working paper published by the African Development Bank (AfDB).
Gold extraction and the environment
L’or payé au prix fort par la planète | 13th April | AgoraVox 


Oil and mining inquiry demand from CSOs
DRC: Civil society wants an inquiry commission on mining and oil takings | 11th April | AllVoices
In a declaration published today in Kinshasa, many civil society organizations recommended to DRC government to create an inquiry commission for clarifying the difference of takings observed in mining and hydrocarbon sectors between 2008 and 2009 years.
Virunga and Oil Exploration 
Congo-Kinshasa: Save the Virunga National Park From Oil Exploration | 13th April | Greenpeace 
Greenpeace adds its voice to that of Congolese civil society and the local communities of Lubero and Rutshuru and calls on the Congolese Government and oil companies to respect the law and international conventions in force in the World Heritage Sites.
Electicity in Mbandaka
Mbandaka : des investisseurs finlandais projettent d’électrifier la ville | 13th April | Radio Okapi
Four representatives of the Finnish firm Adelia Group met on Thursday, April 12 at in Mbandaka, Equateur. A topic high on their agenda was a project for clean water and electrification of the city of Mbandaka.
Students illegal mining
Katanga : les élèves creusent clandestinement les minerais à Kambove | 13th April | Radio Okapi
The NGO World Vision is concerned about the dangers faced by students who engage in artisanal mining of ores in Kambove, 155 km from the city of Lubumbashi (Katanga). Corroborating sources report that students engage in this clandestine mining in concessions from Gecamines during the holidays.
Conflict Minerals
Keeping Conflict Minerals Out of Your Cell Phone | 12th April | Bloomberg
Muddy trails extending for hundreds of miles into the subtropical wilderness of the Democratic Republic of the Congo end at shallow, exposed mines full of one of the most valuable mineral deposits on earth: tantalum ore. Crack open your cell phone and you’d find a refined version of it in the thumbnail-size part that helps power the device. In the DRC’s Katanga province, the bush trails also lead to an interesting experiment in coping with government regulation.



Refinery plans
Uganda: Refinery Must Go Ahead, Says Govt | 15th April | EABW | allAfrica
Kampala — There has been excitement around oil in the region since Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki announced that Tullow Oil Company has struck the precious mineral three weeks ago.
Land grabbing
Uganda: Archbishiop Lwanga Warns Against Land Grabbing | 17th April | The New Vision | allAfrica
The Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has made a passionate plea to people who have fenced off large tracts of church land in Kisubi, Wakiso district to stop the illegal practice.
Uganda’s petroleum bills criticised by Tullow
Uganda: Tullow Says Oil Bills Are Not Viable | 12th April | The Independent | allAfrica
Tullow oil president Elly Karuhanga has said if the petroleum bills before parliament are passed in their form they will make oil production and all other processes complicated.



Burundi forestry
Burundi watershed management project | 10th April | AfDB
The forest resources of Burundi have been seriously degraded since the beginning of the socio-political crisis in the country. This 10 year-long crisis resulted in the country's forest cover rate decrease from eight percent to five percent.



Zambia Oil Embezzlement
Zambia: K2 Trillion Embezzled in Oil Deals | 11th April | Times of Zambia | allAfrica
THE Commission of Inquiry on the procurement of petroleum products has established that K2 trillion was allegedly embezzled in the supply chain between 2007 and last year.


Extractive Companies, Energy, Trade and Foreign Investment

Recent news on national and international extractive and energy companies and investment in the Great Lakes Region


Glencore child labour
Glencore denies employing under-age miners in DRC | 16th April | Mineweb
Mining giant Glencore accused in child labour and acid dumping row | 14th April | The Guardian
Glencore denies employing child-labour in DRC | 16th April | Mining Weekly
Panorama questions over Glencore mines | 16th April | BBC
Glencore, the multi-billion pound commodity giant, stands accused of profiting from child labour in a mine in the Congo, and paying the associates of paramilitary killers in Colombia, following a BBC Panorama investigation based on evidence from a Swiss NGO.
Banro eyes second DRC mine
Banro eyes second DRC mine, enviro nod for Deep Yellow, Anglo Inyosi launches R4.2bn colliery andmore in the African Mining Roundup | 16th April 12
The African Mining Roundup is a synopsis of mining activity across the continent. The March roundup covers reports from over 20 countries, and includes almost 120 separate news items in an easy-to-read disaggregated format. This month's electronic report includes details on Banro Corp intention to start producing gold at a second gold mine, in the Democratic Republic of Congo within the next year
Kibali Gold Mine Starts Taking Shape | 16th April | Marketwire
Kinshasa, DRC, 16 April 2012 - Construction work on the Kibali project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which when completed is expected be one of the largest gold mines in Africa, is proceeding rapidly as the developers keep their sights firmly set on first production by the end of 2013.
Randgold Kibali
Kibali ‘firmly set’ for production by late 2013 – Randgold | 17th April | Mining Weekly
Miner Randgold Resources technical and capital projects executive John Steele said on Tuesday that the group’s experience in developing gold mines in Africa and its partnerships with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) communities were key in the rapid progress of the Kibali project.
Kilo Announces Preliminary Metallurgical Test Work Results on Adumbi Gold Deposit, Somituri Project, DRC | 12th April | Marketwire
Kilo Goldmines Ltd. ("Kilo" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:KGL)(FRANKFURT:02K) is pleased to announce encouraging results from preliminary metallurgical test work carried out by Wardell Armstrong, UK, on diamond drill core from the Company's Adumbi Gold deposit, Somituri Project, in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC").
Forrest compete in DRC
Forrest en concurrence au Congo-K | available on request | 12th April | La Lettre du Continent
The Belgian group Forrest (owner of Cilu with Heidelberg in the province of Bas-Congo, and shareholder of the Cimenkat with Gecamines) is developing to be a strong competitor in the sector.



Tullow - no production licence
Uganda: No Production License for Tullow | 15th April | allAfrica
The Uganda government has clarified that Tullow Oil has not obtained a production license and therefore cannot start producing oil. The media has recently reported Tullow as saying they will start producing oil this year. But the Ministry of Energy Head of Communications, Mr Bukenya Matovu, clarified that the government only issued an exploration license and if Tullow wants to start producing oil, then it has to apply for a production license.
Case against Tullow and Uganda settled out of court
Uganda: AG, Tullow Agree On Case Withdrawal | 16th April | The New Vision | allAfrica
THE Attorney General (AG) and Tullow Uganda Limited have agreed on an out-of-court settlement with one Hamada Mulumba to withdraw a law suit in which he had sought court declaration that the Government had illegally granted exploration license to the oil company.
Tullow bribery allegations
Tullow Denies Bribery Allegations In Uganda | 13th April | Wall Street Journal
U.K. oil company Tullow Oil PLC rejected bribery allegations about its operations in Uganda during a meeting on Wednesday with government officials in the East African nation.
Total to spend $300 million
Total to spend over $300 mln on Uganda exploration | 13th April | Reuters
French oil company Total plans to spend over $300 million in 2012 on exploration in Uganda where small-scale commercial oil production is expected to begin later this year.



Simba Rwanda
Simba Gold Corp.: Independent Geological Consultants Visit Miyove Project | 12th April | Marketwire
Simba Gold Corp. (TSX VENTURE:SGD)(FRANKFURT:S7G) is pleased to announce that Beak Consultants GmbH of Germany has visited the Miyove Project in northern Rwanda in conjunction with a report on Rwanda's mineral potential. Beak Consultants GmbH is an independent geological company contracted by the Rwandan Government.



Regulation, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Non-comprehensive overview and selected articles on legal and reputational issues relating to businesses operating in the Great Lakes Region 

The human rights of artisanal miners in DRC

The human rights of artisanal miners in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The responsibility of mining companies | Josep F. Mària SJ, Miho Taka | AJEMS
This paper explores how corporate social responsibility (CSR) in mining companies can contribute to the promotion of artisanal miners' human rights in the DRC.

Obama and conflict minerals
Obama Administration to Support Key Part of Fight Against Conflict Minerals: Independent Monitoring | 16th April | Enough
The Obama administration announced last Thursday that it will support a critical missing link in the fight against conflict minerals: independent monitoring. This is a major step in the long fight against the illegal trade in conflict minerals.

EITI lacks support
ITIE : le gouvernement noie la transparence | 16th April | Digital Congo
The EITI in DRC lacks government support.
Dodd Frank Act implementation
Congo-Kinshasa: Hard to Implement U.S. Conflict Mineral Law | 16th April | allAfrica
Even though it has not been implemented yet, the section of the US Dodd-Frank that aims to help stem the trade in conflict minerals in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has stirred up considerable controversy - with critics pointing to the negative impact the law has apparentlly already had on the livelihoods of thousands of artisanal miners and to the fact that its demand for US-registered companies to ensure that their supply chain is clean will be extremely difficult to monitor.
SEC Transparency provision
Activists urge SEC to resist oil industry pressure | 16th April | Publish What you Pay
International humanitarian organization Oxfam America called on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Mary Schapiro to schedule a meeting now of the SEC to vote on and issue final rules for the oil, gas and mining transparency provision of the Dodd-Frank Act. Known as Section 1504 or “Cardin-Lugar provision,” the law requires companies to disclose payments, such as taxes, they make in every country of operation, including the United States, and for every project for the extraction of oil and minerals.




ACHPR 51st Session
The 51st Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights | 12th April | OSISA
The 51st Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights | 12th April | ACHPR
(African Commission or the Banjul Commission), will be held between April 18 to May 2 in Banjul, The Gambia, at its headquarter.
Chebeya Documentary Banned
Le Renadhoc plaide pour la diffusion en RDC du documentaire sur Chebeya | 12th April | Radio Okapi
Congo-Kinshasa: Screenings of Documentary On Assassinated Human Rights Activist Banned | 13th April | Journaliste En Danger 
RDC : interdiction du film « L’affaire Chebeya, un crime d’Etat ? » | 13th April | Afrik
La deuxième mort de Chebeya? | 12th April | le Soir
DRC authorities have imposed a country-wide ban on screenings of Belgian filmmaker Thierry Michel's lastest documentary, "The Chebeya Affair: State Crime?"
Growing tensions over Museveni rule
Uganda: Growing tensions over Museveni rule | 9th April | Africa Files
Uganda: No Resolution to Growing Tensions, the latest International Crisis Group report, examines the increasing dissatisfaction with Museveni's administration. The main cause of the social unrest is a slow and continuing shift from constitutional-style government to patronage-based, personal rule. In his two decades of power, the president has come to rely like his predecessors - though without their wanton brutality - increasingly on centralised power, patronage and coercion to maintain control.


IPIS Recent Publications


Upstream Pilot Implementation of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas  Baseline Report on the Supplement on Tin, Tantalum, and Tungsten | November 2011 | OECD | IPIS

IPIS executed the research for and writing of this OECD report. The present baseline report is the first in a cycle of three reports on the implementation by upstream companies of the Supplement on Tin, Tantalum and Tungsten of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (hereafter “the Guidance”). The objective of this report is to understand where upstream companies currently stand with the implementation of due diligence.

Violence against women in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Whose responsibility? Whose complicity? | November 2011 | ITUC | IPIS

IPIS contributed the research for and writing of this ITUC report. Summary: Eastern DRC has been ravaged by war and violence since the mid-1990s. Civilians carry the greatest burden of the conflict. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to such attacks.. Hundreds of women and girls get sexually violated in their homes and at their workplace. Fuelled and motivated by Congo’s minerals, rebel and army forces are inclined to maintain an insecure environment that ensures the continuation of the status quo. Congo’s conflict minerals go through a convoluted, yet manageable and traceable, supply chain and end up in industrialised consumer products. The introduction of transparency and governance into the mining sector is advancing, but still much has to be done.

Bisie. A one-year snapshot of the DRC’s principal cassiterite mine | November 2011 | IPIS

Much has happened in the mining sector of Eastern DRC over the last year. President Kabila imposed a ban on all mining activities last fall, during which production fell considerably. As soon as the suspension was lifted in the spring of this year, the major global electronic companies stopped buying minerals from the region, provoking a de facto embargo on Congo’s minerals with detrimental effects on the sector. At the same time, the Congolese government has taken major steps to restructure its army in the east of the country. These different decisions in the mining and security sectors have affected the nature and volume of minerals production and export and have reconfigured the security situation in the region. The consequences of these actions are discussed and illustrated with the use of the most important and well-known cassiterite mine in North Kivu called Bisie.

“Véhicules civils militarisables” and the EU arms embargo on Sudan | September 2011 | IPIS | TA-R | ASER

In this case study we will focus on the use of European manufactured trucks in the Darfur region, and more specifically what the defence industry calls “véhicules civils militarisables” - commercial vehicles that can be militarized. All armed actors in the conflict require vehicles to transport combatants through the vast Darfur deserts. Japanese Toyota (Landcruisers) pick-up trucks are the most common vehicles that are spotted in the region. Usually they are mounted with machineguns, and as such compose an important assault instrument. Furthermore, a wide array of military trucks or civilian trucks modified for military purposes are being used in Darfur, e.g. anti-aircraft guns are mounted on a variety of trucks to function as support and/or attack vehicles. Some of these trucks are European models, assembled by a local company: GIAD Automotive Industry Company.

Conflict motives in Kenya’s North Rift region | September 2011 | IPIS intern series

Kenya's North Rift Region continues to suffer from violent conflict in which a series of actors are involved. Armed groups perform widespread and devastating raids against neighbouring communities. The strength of these warrior groups varies regionally and from case to case. Security operations are often characterised by their disproportionate brutality. Power figures are known to instigate violence or organise and finance armed militias. Uasin Gishu and Trans-Nzoia bore the brunt of the post-election violence in 2007 and 2008. The violence mainly pitted Kalenjin warrior groups against Kikuyu communities in a struggle over political injustices and power but also over economic discrepancies and feelings of ethnic antagonism.

Kenya’s role in the trade of gold from Eastern DRC | August 2011 | IPIS | Justice et paix

On 11 September 2010, the Congolese Ministry of Mines put out a statement in which it announced President Kabila’s decision to suspend all exploitation and export of minerals from the provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu and Maniema. The aim of the mining ban was to break the link between mining and armed conflict in eastern DRC. This paper shows, however, that, even during the period of the embargo, Congolese minerals continued to find their way to the world market. The Kenyan capital of Nairobi appears to have served as an important hub for regional and international gold traders eyeing the mineral riches of eastern DRC.

The Arms Flyers - Commercial Aviation, Human Rights, and the Business of War and Arms | July 2011 | IPIS | Ta-R

In the last decades, the “business of war” has attracted thousands of civilian transport and logistics companies, especially in the aviation sector. State and non-State actors engaged in armed conflicts or in military operations that require substantial logistic support have increasingly resorted to the services of civilian transport operators to fulfil their transport and logistics needs. This report firstly presents a series of cases - that illustrate and document the continuous involvement of aviation companies in the business of war. The report then offers an analysis of international and national laws on the transport of weapons by air and a discussion of air safety regulations as enacted in the US and in Europe. The report also deals with the fundamentally flawed research that has sought to use air safety initiatives as a weapon in the fight against arms trafficking by air and has thus unfortunately constituted much of the basis for European Union projects to fight arms trafficking by air. An analysis of the present situation in air cargo markets and its influence on the logistics of wars and humanitarian operations concludes the report.

From Kanga to Kitenge: exploring patterns of cultural change in the Kigoma region | May 2011 | IPIS

The article discusses the current changes occurring in Kigoma, one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. For decades, the far-western corner and the point of convergence between Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is seen as peripheral within its national state. However, the steady move away from socialism to liberalism and the relative stability in the Great Lakes Region together with the associated reduction of refugee flows led to the gradual revaluation of Kigoma as a strategically important (business) centre. The case of women's wear is used to explore whether and how recent national, regional and global social and economic changes affected Kigoma's cultural set-up.

Guide to Current Mining Reform Initiatives in Eastern DRC | April 2011 | IPIS

US legislation has brought on a variety of initiatives aiming at mining reform in EDRC. This paper describes the basic elements of these initiatives, their genesis, the current state of affairs, the inkages between the initiatives and the main challenges they face. Further, the paper briefly evaluates the initiatives while focussing on the steps ahead.
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